All Core Users: If your images were collected in our facility, please acknowledge the BRMC Confocal Microscopy Core at BWH in your paper.

1. Please make sure you have undergone safety training before using the confocal (General Lab Safety and Laser Safety).

2. All new users must fill out the registration form and attend the training class given by core staff.

3. If you request to work with a technician, you do not need to take a training class. You are, however, responsible for directing the session (what to take pictures of, etc.), the technician does the rest.

4. If you are going to be working with infectious material, please let core staff know.

5. All independent users are responsible for start up, shutdown, and proper care of the microscope during the reservation.

6. All independent users must check in and check out on the desktop of the confocal.

7. Use oil sparingly on oil immersion lenses and remove oil from objectives after use by blotting the objective with fisher lens paper. Do not use Kimwipes on objectives. One drop is sufficient for several cover slips. Lower the objectives when you have finished all of your scans.

8. Record your name, lab, date of use, and UV lamp hours (start and end hours) in the notebook provided.

8. If anything breaks in contact with the objectives, immediately stop. Do not attempt to clean broken glass off the objective. Contact core staff at once.

9. If you do not know how to use the DIC polarizer and analyzer, please don’t touch any of the microscope parts above the stage. Contact core staff.

10. Check the schedule to see who will use the scope after you. Leave the Hg lamp ON if there is someone signed up within 1 hour after you. If the next person is more than 1 hour away, or if you are the last person of the day, you must turn the Hg lamp off. The rest of the equipment (lasers, stage power, shutter power, etc) should be turned off at the end of your session. If you are unsure what to do, contact Core staff.

11. All data older than one month will be deleted from the core computer. The user is responsible for backing up their data periodically.

12. If you notice anything abnormal with the scope, please let Core staff know immediately.

12. In general, be a good lab citizen, wipe off excess oil, clean up after yourself. Keeping the confocal in good shape is good for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.