Confocal Core

**Please note: The BRMC Confocal Core will be relocated to Longwood 221 EBRC 315 in March, 2024. More details to follow. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Researcher Sam Lee trying out our new confocal microscope!

Researcher Sam Lee trying out our new confocal microscope!

The facility is equipped with an Olympus FV1200 (without multi-photon capability) consisting of:

  • Argon 458/477/488/514 nm laser
  • Green HeNE 543 nm
  • Red HeNe 633 nm laser
  • Coherent ULTRA near infrared tunable Titanium Sapphire laser (690 – 1040 nm)

The system allows a range of experiments with fixed or live samples with time lapse function available on all systems making it possible to perform experiments over time courses in 5 different channels.

Other facility equipment includes the motorized upright microscope and a scanning module with 32 narrow wavelength band single channel detectors.

Imaging can be done with most standard fluorophoresin either single-photon. Software will be available for FRAP, DIC, ratiometric imaging, and complex time series experiments.

In addition to the confocal scanning system, the Core has metamorph 3-D reconstruction, and high-resolution transmitted light and epifluorescence imaging objective and a camera.